Quick Photoshoot

Well, I have been severely slacking on my photo blogging. Since my last post was in February, I will use this post to do some catching up! I have been spending the last few months determining the best way to start making money with my photography. I believe I am skilled enough to charge more than the "Craigslist photographers" with their Rebel XS and cell-phone editing apps, but I do not yet have the experience to do so. I love making beautiful pictures and am heavily considering doing sessions for free, or maybe ask the client to "pay what you can." This might go against the principles of professional artists trying to sell their work, but how else can I get experience?

Anyways, yesterday I was working on my car and a friend asked me to do a quick shoot to advertise for an upcoming concert he is performing. Luckily, I had my camera in my car so I had him come down to me with his guitar and we went from there. Considering there was no preparation or site scouting done, and the whole shoot took less than 15 minutes, I think I got a couple usable ones!

I need to work on editing black and white images, but it is definitely a work in progress. If done properly, they can invoke so many emotions!

Awesome Musical Headshot Ideas

I have been running around with my camera shooting other things, but nothing I wish to share at this time. My current goal is to get better at shooting/ posing people so I am in need of models! I would prefer to shoot friends and family, but I will hit the forums soon if I have to!