Syamsu Family Photography - Ala Moana Beach Park - Calamic Photography

At the beginning of every session, I give my clients a little brief. Kind of like a coach before a sports ball game, or a movie director before a big scene. I usually talk about my process, tell them to stop me if I’m moving too fast, and to share any and all ideas they may have, whether it be something they saw on pinterest or something that just popped into their head. I like for my sessions to be a team effort, so the more input from the client, the better the pictures usually turn out. In most cases, I also make sure to tell the client to be as goofy and cheesy as possible, and then I demonstrate (I’m extremely goofy during photoshoots). It was so wonderful to work with the Syamsu family because they followed my instructions perfectly by being little cheese puffs the whole time. They scoffed at my request saying, “Oh please, we are always a little wacky!” We had so much fun on our session that the 1-hour shoot they signed up for, quickly turned into 90 minutes, and I think we finished closer to two hours without even thinking about the time.

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite images from this session at Ala Moana Beach Park near Waikiki.