Nigel and Courtney - Couples Photography Session - Bellows - Oahu Couples Photography

Hey! The holidays are coming up! Did you send out your greeting cards yet? It’s important to make sure your distant relatives (you know, the ones you won’t be getting any gifts for) know that you still love them. What better way to do that then selfie covered Walmart printed holiday greeting card?! Well, I hate to break it to you, but if you put a selfie on your greeting card, your family will probably think the opposite:


One way you can prevent your relatives from thinking this way is to prop the camera phone up on table using whatever bottles you have lying around to keep it up: Tapatio bottle, maybe a nice candle, hell maybe a Natural Ice. They’ll all do the trick (just throw the Natty in the garbage afterwards. Please don’t drink it… Please)

If you’re feeling really frisky and full of holiday cheer, you might even look up lighting techniques and point a lamp or camera phone flash light at you and your family (This was totally me 4 years ago). Now your holiday cards are going to be looking amazing and will definitely make your auntie’s wall this year!

Well, I completely understand if you are a DIY-er, but chances are good that it won’t look professional, especially if you aren’t an expert at Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom. Also, composition is a huge part of making a photo look professional. Maybe you placed you and your family in front of the Christmas tree, slightly overlapping but slightly to the left to add balance and follow the rule of thirds. But, did you see the distracting half stocking sticking out of the side of the tree? Or the neighbor walking his dog outside visible through the window behind the tree? Most amatuers wouldn’t notice these things (and so many more things) in the moment OR even when reviewing the image afterwards.

Ok ok lets get to the point of this article. Since it’s the holidays and everyone is in the giving spirit, why not hire your neighbors high school daughter to do them for you? Don’t ask her to do it for free, but offer her $50 - $100. I’m sure you’ve spent more on your book club president’s Sentsy business. You can think of this as a a gift, and probably the best gift this amateur photographer will get all year! Plus, you drastically increase your chances of getting some good images AND are helping a friend fulfill their passion. It also makes for a great story to include in your holiday cards!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and surround yourself with beautiful images of your loved ones.

Below are some images that I took at Bellows AFB here on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. This couple met me while I was doing headshots for military members who are separating from the service. When I offered them my “friends and family” discount, they were shocked.

“We’re your friends?!”

they said with huge smiles on their faces. “Of course!” I said, sitting with them in a McDonalds. We had already chatted on the phone and through text, as well as shared many laughs together AND are sitting together at a place built for friends, McDizzies. Even with the discount, it still took a great deal of trust for them to give me money to take their pictures. I appreciate this trust and I will do my best to not take it for granted. Thank you!