Birthday Photoshop Project

It is always difficult and depressing to be asked to work with cell phone pictures. They have come a long way, but they are still no match for a DSLR. Recently, I was asked to take pictures of a friend for her and her twin sister's birthday coming up. I was only able to photograph her. Her twin sister sent me pictures taken on an iPhone in Georgia. My task was to combine these images with the ones I took (on my Canon 6D). I was very sad when I received these because I didn't think it would be possible to mix such low quality with high quality. Despite my fears, I got to work making the iPhone pictures look as much like a DSLR as I could. I matched the colors to the ones I took and added a gradient blur for a depth of field look. 

I started with the right image. First, I had to cut the subject out so I could adjust the hue/saturation of the background to match the image on the left. I also added a gradient depth of field using a lens blur filter and a mask. I wanted to make the pavements run together as if they were both standing together. To do this, I selected the pavement in the right and reduced the brightness to match the pavement in the left image. I didn't want the whole pavement to be darker so I applied a gradient mask so that it went from its original color to the darker color in the left corner. From there, I selected the two and the bottom of the dress on the left and had the pavement run right under her and into the two as if she was sitting in the same picture as her sister.

I pretty much used the same process as the above image for this one as well, besides using the "content-aware" tool to remove the child from the bottom right.

On these two images, I did not have enough bleed room to make as smooth of a transition.

I am glad I stuck with it because I am proud of the work I was able to do on these images.