Jered Jones - Event Photography - Cleveland Ohio

This past week, I flew to Cleveland, Ohio to visit my long time friend and fellow musician, Jered Jones. It had been four years since the last time I saw him, and since then, he has had two children, bought a house, and started performing in bars and clubs as a solo loop pedal artist. Needless to say, we had a lot of catching up to do!

The last two nights I was there, he performed at the Dogg House Bar and Grill in Akron, Ohio and at Seeing Double Speakeasy in North Olmstead. Although the crowds were small, they were very enthusiastic and loved hearing him play. His set included everything from Bruce Springsteen, to Kid Cudi and the 1975.

Since I absolutely love event photography, I asked if I could take some photos of him during the show. I love the challenge of taking a relatively boring bar scene (with pretty terrible lighting) and finding the best angles to make it look magical and full of life. Here are some of my favorite images from those two nights in Cleveland, Ohio (and at the end, you can find a link to one of his songs performed at the speakeasy by Billie Eilish).