Family Photoshoot - Ala Moana Beach Park - Waikiki - Oahu Family PHotographer - Calamic Photography

Sunset came early, but the clouds parted and gave us some wonderful light leaks. This was only my second photo shoot at Ala Moana Beach Park in Honolulu, HI, and both of them turned out amazing pictures! Especially for being one of the most populated parks on Oahu, right across from Ala Moana Mall, we still happened to find a corner of the beach that was isolated, making it look like a private beach. Oahu is the most populated of the Hawaiian Islands, which makes it tough as a photographer to find isolated locations that still capture the beauty of this island. Ala Moana beach park is perfect for this because to the south you have views of Diamondhead with only water between you and it (which is very easy to photoshop people out of), and then the sunset to the west. The park is very long along the coast, allowing for more room for the tourists to spread out and creating more potential for isolated shots. It's all about angles on a crowded beach!