Fuji XT20 VS Canon 5DIV

The Canon 5D Mark IV is one of the top cameras in the photography industry right now, and is currently my primary camera. My secondary/ travel camera is the Fujifilm XT-20. This is a pretty small player in the game right now, but is gaining some traction. I am here today to start a series that pitts these two cameras against each other to show that the Fujifilm XT-20 is one of the best cameras on the market and is my #1 recommendation for ANYONE who is looking to buy a camera.

The main reason it isn’t my primary camera is due to its size. The average client would scoff if they saw a “professional photographer” show up to a shoot with the very small and visually underwhelming Fujifilm XT-20. Unfortunately, people want to see a large camera with a large lens strapped around their photographer to feel comfrotable that they are going to receive a good product. Because of this, I occasionally strap my 5D mark IV to my side and then proceed to do full photoshoots with only the Fujifilm XT-20. Interestingly enough, clients don’t even notice that I’m never using the "big camera" strapped to my body. They are comforted enough knowing that I own such a "big camera."

(Side note: if you want to shoot primarily with a Fujifilm XT-20, you could go to ebay and buy a broken 5D and just carry it around. Maybe take a few “pictures” at the beginning of the shoot, and then just shoot with the XT-20 😂. ***That being said, I would never take advantage of a client or make fun of them. Even as a photographer, I still have a hard time viewing someone as a professional who uses a small camera. It’s the same psychological phenomenon that associates the price of photography services to the skill level of the photographer.)

Ok, this is not a technical review by any means, I am just simply pitting these two cameras against each other based on one single photoshoot. I took both cameras out on my last shoot (as I do with all of my shoots). As I looked back on the images, I realized that most of the images I picked during my sorting process were taken with the Fujifilm XT-20. Now, this is not because the Fuji is superior to the Canon 5DIV, but it can definitely hold its own. We all know why the 5DIV is a far better camera, but in my opinion, the XT-20 has some very distinct advantages. For example, face focusing. Since the XT20 is all digital (compared to the optical viewfinder on the 5D) it is able to use face recognition to find and focus on the eyes regardless whether you're looking through the viewfinder or at the LCD. Come to think of it, I have honestly never had a focusing issue with the XT-20, but have had many with the 5DIV. 

Below are images broken down into two galleries. The first gallery is images from the Canon 5D Mark IV, and the second gallery are images from the Fujifilm XT20. Please leave a comment if you notice any distinct differences.

Canon 5D Mark IV

Fujifilm XT-20

The Fuji XT20 had a 35mm f/2 lens (Less than $1200 for camera and lens) and the Canon 5DIV had a Canon 100-400L telephoto lens (over $4500 for camera and lens).

Huge thanks to Ally for being a great model!