Tong Family Photo Session - West Loch - Oahu Family Photographer - Calamic Photography

Or should I say that West Loch is an amazing *LOCH*ation! Ok ok, puns are not my strong suit, but practice makes perfect, right?

As a photographer on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Oahu, beaches can get a little old sometimes. Thus, I am always on a quest to find beautiful locations that show a different side to this island. Of course, it was a little frightening to take a brand new client to a location that I hadn't been to yet, but I am so glad that I did. This location was gorgeous and had so much variety! From palm trees to a dock overlooking a lake, and even fields for the kids to frolick in, this was the busiest photoshoot I had ever done.

Daphne and the rest of her family were amazing to work with as well. From the first communication, I felt like part of her family. I am not sure if it is common knowledge, but a good photographer is nothing without good clients. In my opinion, this was one of my most successful photo shoots and I give most of the credit to this wonderful family for their amazing energy and hospitality.

Please enjoy my favorite images from this well-rounded photoshoot. If you enjoy any of them, please don't forget to share!