Ally and Scott - Couples Photo Session - Oahu Couples Photographer - Calamic Photography

Ally and Scott are such a funny and unique couple. Their personalities mesh so well with mine; very cool, calm, and collected, with a HUGE amount of awkwardness mixed in. We wanted to create some images that showed their love, while also keeping things PG, for the purpose of Holiday greeting cards.

We met at the Ho’omaluhia Botanical Gardens in Kaneohe, HI where they have, quite inconveniently, made it illegal to take photos along the main road (which happens to be the most beautiful part of the park). We drove in a ways, and found a closed access road that looked perfect for a starting point! We had to hop a little gate, but it was so worth it. I wish we could have spent more time in there, but I was scared of getting caught.

We then drove to the end of the park and ran into over 6 different photoshoots happening at the same time. I guess that’s a sign we stumbled onto a great location! Turns out the light was absolutely perfect at the time we showed up. What good luck!