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The Legues and I have been friends on and off since 2012. I am so glad that our mutual friend asked me to do a photoshoot for them before they move to Canada. They are like a family to me and it was such a great opportunity to pay them back for all the free meals they have given me over the years!

Image: Elleayceegraphy

Image: Elleayceegraphy

So many families are reluctant to hire a photographer because they feel unnatural in front of a camera. It’s scary and wouldn’t be worth it to smile awkwardly and then be reminded of how terrible it was for forever. These are my favorite type of client. They don’t realize it, but I am MORE awkward than them. Once they see what a goof ball I am, they tend to be at ease. When the kid won’t smile or isn’t comfortable in front of the camera, I ask them, “wouldn’t it be fun if you gathered up as much grass as possible and throw it at me?” Man, that even sounds fun to me! (See if you can find this image below)

When the family is having a hard time, I put the camera down and just talk to them. As I get to know them, they become more and more comfortable and just as I get them laughing, I pick up the camera again and capture the laughter. They don’t even notice that I did this. I love finishing a shoot and them wondering if I even took any pictures. When it feels like you were just hanging out with a friend for an hour, that’s the sign of a good photoshoot.

Looking at these images below, I bet you wouldn’t even realize that this family was reluctant and uncomfortable before this photoshoot.