My Progress as a Photographer

With each new year, there comes a renewed sense of pressure to be a better person than you were in the previous year. It is common to focus all of your efforts on the future during this time. This year, I thought it would be a good idea to look back and see how much I have progressed as a photographer since I started shooting in 2014. 

I picked my best work from each year and compiled them into a gallery below. It is evident that I focused the hardest during 2015 and kind of slacked off in 2016 (based on the amount, not quality). Looking back has helped me to realize where I still have to go in 2017. This website is the first step in my journey to becoming not only a better photographer, but a better artist, thinker, and human. I am a motivated person but I rely on my friends and family to hold me accountable. Thank you to everyone who has taken a risk and given me a criticism in the past. I look forward to more in the future!

2014 - I purchased a Canon Rebel XS from my sister so that she could afford to pay rent that month. I studied my hardest during this year and tried to become an overnight sensation. Sadly, most of what I produced was garbage and I didn't have the experience to correct my mistakes. Luckily, I was able to create a few decent images to add to this blog!

2015 - I spent the first six months of this year still shooting with the Canon Rebel XS, but none of the pictures below were from that camera. In August, I purchased the camera that I still use today, the Canon 6D. The quality difference alone made me feel like a professional in comparison. Shortly after the purchase, I realized that I had a lot of learning to do in order to grow into this camera. 

2016 - I moved to Hawaii at the end of 2015 and spent most of my time away from my camera. I traded in my Canon for a GoPro (metaphorically not literally) and spent my weekends in the ocean. As far as photography was concerned, this was a waste of time. I barely picked up my camera for the first six months I was here. 

2017 (so far) - 26 days in and I am very happy with these images.